The Clee Hill Trial

The South Birmingham Motor Club will hold an Open to Centre trial for solo machines only. To be held under the National Sporting Code rules of the ACU, the Standing Regulations for trials, these supplementary regulations and any final instructions which may be issued up until the start of the trial.

To download an entry form for the Clee Hill Trial Click Here or to enter online Click Here

Entry List

RobertHigginsGASGAS stratford upon avonClubman
LeeBeamanBeta evoEvesham mccClubman
GilesHixonHonda montesaStratford Clubman
OwenStrudley Beta evoRedditch mccClubman
MichaelHydenGas GasHorsham & District MCCClubman
Gary Priestley BetaNELClubman
MilesFinneyMontesa cota 4rtLeamington victoryClubman
chriswickhamBeta EvoeveshamExpert
StevenHarrisMontesa Redditch mccExpert
BenSpriggHondaLeamington victory Expert
RonnieDaymontesanorth east London Expert
TonyCowleyBetaManchester 17Master
DaveRenhamVertigo 250NormandyMaster
BarryRoadsGas GasYeo ValeMaster
johncowleybetawycombe mccMaster
Clift Steve GasGas Dudley and district mcc Master
george marshallmonseta stratford Master
Graham Haslam BetaHUXMaster
AlexMuirheadBeta EvoKingswood MCCMaster
PeterArcherShercoLeamington VictoryMaster
RichardEvansBetaSouth Shropshire MCCMaster
ChristianPearsonMontesa 4RTDudley & District MccMaster
DaveWoodYamahaStafford AutoMaster
richardwebsterMontesasouth shropshire mccMaster
Richard BeddoesGasgasStaffs Moorlands Master
StuMatthews BetaBewdley Master
AndrewHickmanRepsol HondaSSMCCMaster
DaveFowler Montesa Redditch mccMaster
ChrisTettMontesa 4rtBewdley mccMaster
Philip Ducker Vertigo Leamington Victory Master
IanStrudleyBeta Redditch mccMaster
SteveThompson Beta 250Stourbridge mccOver 40
DavidBeckettMontesa Zona OneOver 40
StevenHayBetaKings NortonOver 40
Dave DaleGasgas Bognor Over 40
Robin FoulkesVertigo SSMCOver 40
SteveWellsMont 315BognorOver 40
AndrewSwiftMontesaDudleyOver 40
RussellSpriggmontesaleamington victoryOver 40